The Gratitude Factor

It occurred to me today that as we find ourselves in the midst of another holiday season, we should have many blessings for which to be thankful. If we approach this special time and find it difficult to come up with things that have blessed us over the course of the previous twelve months, then we should check our gratitude factor. I worded that sentence the way you read it on purpose.

You see, I have come to understand my ability to interpret and receive a blessing as being guided by my awareness of the good and true already present in my daily life. The fact that I am grateful for my excellent health allows me to be truly thankful for the overall health of my family. The gratitude I feel for the closeness of my relationships all year long creates opportunities for me to be openly thankful for all my friends and family during these special days.

My friends, I know as well that holidays can bring about memories that cloud our eyes with tears for days gone by. I have my own loss to deal with and this season brings back those memories. Allow those memories to fill you with gratitude for the times you had. Let those thoughts of loved ones be your motivation to make the most of the relationships that exist right now.

God bless you as we enter this holy time. God bless you as you contemplate all that you have for which you are thankful. God bless your memories of all that you have loved. May those memories serve as a reminder that having loved means never having to regret a thing. Love is all that matters... past, present, or future. And may God bless your present. May you receive the blessing in the present. And may you know deep down that the present is indeed a gift.

I will leave you with a link from Mary Robinson Reynolds, Author & Founder of Heart Productions & Publishing. I get these e-mails and they never fail to point my heart and mind in a positive direction. I fully understand how difficult the holidays can be for some of us. I am one who has first-hand experience with loss. Allow this short video to open you up to the good and the true that exists all around you. Read the message and/or scroll down for the movie. It will make you smile. Click here -- http://www.makeadifference.com/Success/081124.htm

Peace for the season, love for your family, and thoughts of gratitude for the everyday. -- jb

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  1. I always appreciate every change in seasons too since each have their unique and helpful advantages to us. It defines the concept of living in change and new challenges.

  2. Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone.
    Then I was and now I am grateful:
    to be alive and to be healthy enough to heal from my head injury, hopefully, without any residual brain damage;
    to have the companionship, support and love of family, friends in everyday life & online too;
    to have pets who love me;
    to have a home of my own and the ability to make enough income to keep it in good repair;
    to have good quality foods to eat and clothes to wear;
    to make enough money to pay my bills without going into debt;
    to be free of religion and superstition, and able to meditate and experience my true nature;
    to be able to be a friend to myself and others;
    to be able to set goals and achieve them;
    to be able to learn new skills every day;
    to live in a beautiful environment;
    to live in a community full of self reliant, positively focused and compassionate neighbors;
    to be able to enjoy the days of my life fully.

  3. Very lovely post....for too long it seemed the memories brought up at the holidays in my family tended to be bitter ones....Once I was out in Colorado with friends on Thanksgiving and before calling my family said--as a joke--they're probably having the annual Thanksgiving bloodletting about now. Then I called, and my Mom answered and asked if I could call back in half an hour...for, as it turned out, exactly the reason expected. Someone said something that set off some conflict from way back when....

    How often, it seems, we remember everything except the love between us....


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